About Magnificent Frescoes Murals
Having studied in Italy, the artist’s work reflects a sense of mythological drama
combined with the brilliance of color closely associated with the Mediterranean
school. Studies in New York focused on the more subtle Baroque style and Dutch-
Flemish painting techniques. This darker pallet resulted in a deeper sense of
contemplation and hues associated with the Northern European schools. Together,
these techniques have provided a versatility and wide range of expressive oil
Detail of 65' mural in oil (Amalfi)
Artist T. Adrian Hoffman copying a classical romantic painting
at a 'live' demonstration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
in New York City
A Mural changes one's dinning experience from just
a  dinner to a truly elegant , memorable dining
Or between a child's room and a nursery.
Detail of 8' X 11' mural in oil

remembered by creating a visual masterpiece.
Fine restaurants
Retail & Religious establishments
Fine homes & private collectors

Magnificent Frescoes is located in Whitehouse New Jersey
painting, custom wall artwork and painting in high quality oil.