Mural  Services
Is committed to working with you to create a unique
space of distinction.
Getting started:
Once you contact Magnificent Frescoes Studio, we can
begin to create together a scaled color draft of the final
look and feel of the new space.

Our experience can show you how to add depth to a
small space or add vibrancy to the existing color.

Magnificent Frescoes can work two ways:
First we can paint at your location during hours convenient to you.
Second we can paint the mural in the studio, and hand deliver and install at
your location.
intent and milestone dates.

Our fee structure is set up in accordance with the difficulty of an assignment,
or level of detail. Services include custom murals, interior, exterior wall
paintings and finishes, faux finishes, trompe l'oeil, and fine oil paintings.
Magnificent Frescoes can be contacted as follows:
Magnificent Frescoes
531 US Hwy 22 East
Whitehouse Station, NJ.                08889

Phone: 908 244 - 3018